Aaron Rents

For over 60 years, Atlanta-based Aaron Rents has been a leader in the rent to own marketplace for residential and office furniture, household appliances, consumer electronics, and accessories. Their facilities manager approached Capital City Mechanical for assistance with their HVAC infrastructure which was in need of major repairs. Aaron recognized the need for significant renovation to their system, however, they also had a paramount requirement to avoid any appreciable disrution to their headquarters operations and business while repairs were being made. Capital City Mechanical's flexibility and committment to "build it the way you want it" was an ideal match for Aaron's situation.

"Not only did we renovate the entire hvac system – we completed the project while the building was occupied" commented Capital City Mechanical founder John Rausch. "The business savings to renovating the hvac with no disruption was a game changer." The project included converting a chilled water system to a condenser loop system, installation of new heat pumps, extensive ductwork and piping and automated electronic controls.